Leadership in Transformation

Sustainable and economical
Forming Technology by:
Less scrap
Less material
Less CO2 emissions


Refinding Forming

Rethinking processes, crossing previous
boundaries based on interdisciplinary
strength in all areas of sheet metal forming.

Digital Evolution

Mastering through in-line measurements:
Detect errors before they occur
for corrections in real time.



Spirit of Performance

Concentrated innovative power and an immense will to implement the idea of making sheet metal forming more efficient, more digital and at the same time more sustainable.


A unique basis for holistic solutions with economic and ecological added value. New ways, new insights, new technologies for a novel possibility of process optimization.

Engineers with interdisciplinary expertise, insiders with a scientific background, visionaries who are burning for sustainable change in the industry. Win-win for all involved and the entire industry.

Competence along the entire process chain, support in all matters of sheet metal forming, hardware and software solutions as intelligent tool and digital toolmaker. Know-how in flow.


Future of forming

Innovative solutions for individual challenges: Products and services that optimize processes, exploit potential and future-proof projects. How to get started? Anytime!


As the world's first in-line measurement and correction systems, iLARIZ's smart products are the key to the digital revolution in deep drawing sheet metal components.

In addition to process reliability, the focus is above all on reducing scrap in forming production. Everything for efficient and at the same time sustainable forming processes.

files/images/icons/icon_drawmonitor.svg Draw.Monitor

For 100% process monitoring: The entry-level product in digital sheet metal forming provides data of the highest quality to evaluate and control the deep drawing process.

Sensor technology, which complements the tool, as an in-line tool allows deficiencies to be detected and thus creates the conditions for optimizing production.

Process monitoring and quality assurance through digitalized monitoring to reduce errors and increase efficiency - and can be upgraded at any time.


files/images/icons/icon_drawcontrol.svg Draw.Control

The high-end digital sheet metal forming system makes tools so intelligent that they can correct errors in the running process - even before they occur.

In addition to being equipped with sensors, Draw.Control also brings actuators into the deep-drawing tool. Digital engineering opens up completely new potentials: process intervention in real time, cloud-based dashboard with the possibility of integration into inventory networks.

Through active intervention in real time, Draw.Control not only optimizes the production process and increases profitability - the digital innovation reduces waste, saves resources and reduces the CO2 footprint in production.


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The unique know-how through the interdisciplinary approach creates added value for all process participants. We rely on innovative tools and methods to intervene at every point of the process chain.

The scope of services comprises four focal points, which are based on the different input of the customers and take into account individual challenges.

The art of engineering

Based on a product and design idea, classic engineering services are provided as development support. This includes feasibility analyses of sheet metal components, SE work, sheet metal component development and validation with forming tests and test tools.

Tool and process development

Even when the development of a component is complete, there is often still room for improvement in the manufacturing process. With sophisticated method development and optimization, forming simulation as well as the simulation and compensation of springback, we make processes more transparent and efficient.

Simulation and material characterization

Questions and problems that arise during processing are often due to an insufficient understanding of the material and material behavior of sheet metal. Our competent and comprehensive support for all questions regarding material selection and processing properties creates the best conditions for process optimization.

Special projects

Of course, there are challenges that cannot be clearly assigned. As special as sheet metal is as a material, so special are the individual questions - and also our competent answers to them. With competence and know-how in all areas of sheet metal forming, we offer support on all topics of application technology, procurement, project management and troubleshooting.


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Digital engineering for Efficiency & sustainability


Heads & Hearts

Thinkers, doers, pioneers - agility and passion characterize the team and each individual. With a fascination for innovative technologies, a willingness to take unconventional paths and experience from all areas of sheet metal forming, they are already GAMECHANGERS today.




Outstanding moments, special events, challenging projects or even scientific work - more insight with one click


2021 Trade fair appearance
2021 Trade fair appearance

For the first time, iLARIZ presents itself to the world public at Blechexpo 2021 in Stuttgart. The innovative technology is convincing, the response is overwhelming, the feedback outstanding. The product Draw.Control wins 2nd place in the category "Stamping and Forming Technology" at the Blechexpo AWARD.

2022 Market launch
2022 Market launch

After intensive development, the innovative products Draw.Control and Draw.Monitor, together with the obligatory Draw.Cloud environment, are already reaching market maturity. Through the digitalization of processes and the reduction of scrap and resources, even the first versions meant a revolution for forming technology.

2022 Stampack meeting
2022 Stampack meeting

At the conference in the Audi Forum Neckarsulm, the "small trade show booth" is used for the first time - and immediately takes center stage. More precisely, it is a presentation on Draw.Control and its technological uniqueness. The groundbreaking possibilities of digital sheet metal forming triggered enormous interest and lively discussions.


At the invitation of the Digital Hub Initiative, the innovative technology was presented for the first time in Berlin to a broad audience from politics, the media and business. At the GREEN TECH FESTIVAL under the patronage of Nico Rosberg, the focus was naturally on reducing CO2 emissions in the production process.

2022 Forming Technology Forum
2022 Forming Technology Forum

The presentation of the innovative technology at the renowned symposium at the University of Twente in Eschede in the Netherlands was more than a great honor. The discourse in the circle of leading scientists confirmed the enormous potential of the unique technology and inspired further cooperation projects with the most renowned universities.

2023 iLARIZ live
2023 iLARIZ live

The first Customer Day, a "Who's Who of Sheet Metal Forming" with live demonstrations of the products and passionate discussions. A special highlight was the participation of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hubert Waltl, former production board member of Volkswagen and Audi AG, who was enthusiastic about the possibilities with his focus on process robustness.

2023 Pitch Night of the de:hub initiative / Digital Hub Initiative
2023 Pitch Night of the de:hub initiative / Digital Hub Initiative

Included as one of 5 out of 2000 young companies and start-ups in front of 400 invited guests from business, politics and media. The event hosted by Federal Minister of Economics Dr. Robert Habeck - an exceptional opportunity to raise awareness for the topic of sheet metal and to present the new possibilities in the production process.


Revolution can't wait

Visionaries (almost) always need reinforcement. People who tick like us - or completely differently. The main thing is that we have the same goal. So it's always worth applying. And specifically, we are currently looking for:



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